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Warning: This article is only for Splunk advance-users and admins!

As we discussed in our previous article (click here!) about basics of Splunk and its integration with Cisco FMC .

Simple searches look like the following examples. Note that there are literals with and wi...

Oh baby Crunch crunch! 🌰

First and foremost, we had to know some of the basics.

Crunch is a powerful tool for creating wordlists of any length. It's a simple command line utility and has simple syntax and can easily be adjusted to suit your needs. Beware, though, these...

And Yet Another Weekend Post! (YAWP)
In this article, we’ll show you how an attacker executes an Evil twin Attack to get cleartext WPA2 passphrase on automation using a rogue Access Point.

This can lead to several severe leakages of Information like domain social l...

And Yet Another Weekend Post! (YAWP)

Always break the rules and think software-defined!

Let's talk this weekend about a common buzzword. I mean SD-WAN.

As we wrote already several articles in this regard, SD-WAN also called as Software Defined – Wired Area Network facilit...

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