And Yet Another Weekend Post! (YAWP)

In this article we are going to describe the integration of FTD with Splunk when you manage FTDs via FMC! 

Moreover, we try to clarify the process of connecting Cisco Firepower Threat Defense with Splunk for log analysis and event co...

Overview :

Azure Cloud Shell is an interactive, browser-accessible shell (GUI)  for managing Azure resources.

It actually provides lots of flexibility for you. Linux users can also opt for a Bash experience, while Windows users can opt for PowerShell.

Try from shell.azu...

Most common myths about Splunk - Damn it!!

After digging into the nitty gritty of the Cisco security portpolio now it's time to make our information gathering tools and SIEM solution more efficient for Incident response use cases. Let's jump into the world of Splunk...

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