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Cisco new certification framework:
Applied since February 24, 2020)

Achieving CCNP/CCNA Enterprise certification proves your skills with enterprise networking solutions. To earn CCNA/CCNP Enterprise certification, you pass two exams: one that covers core enterprise technologies and one concentration exam of your choice, so you can customize your certification to your technical area of focus.

The new CCNA/CCNP Enterprise certification program prepares you for today’s professional-level job roles in enterprise networking technologies. CCNA/CCNP Enterprise now includes automation and programmability to help you scale your networking infrastructure.

One of the industry’s most respected certifications, CCNA/CCNP validates the core knowledge you need while giving you the flexibility to choose a focus field. And now every exam in the CCNA/CCNP Enterprise program earns an individual Specialist certification, so you get recognized for your accomplishments along the way.

Below you will find all of the CCNA/CCNP certifications and how they will change on February 24, 2020

If you want to know more about this framework, please read our article here.

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