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How to avoid cybercrime while shopping—and what Cisco is doing to help

Hackers are trying to steal your personal details—this is a sentiment you're likely aware of and even partially vigilant against, but new studies show this is something to seriously revisit.

Cisco has found there are now 19.7 billion cyber threats per day. Figures from the UK's Information Commissioner's Office also show the number of retailers who have had data breaches has doubled in just one year. This means that as retailers accumulate more shopper data, more personal information is at risk to become compromised. In 2015-2016, 19 breaches caused the loss of client data—this rose to a whopping 38 breaches in the 2016-2017 timeframe.

Research by KPMG shows that in a 2016 survey of 100 retail senior cybersecurity executives, only 55% of these have invested capital funds in cybersecurity protection in the last year.

Senior Director of Threat Intelligence at Cisco Matt Watchinski tells CNBC that threats definitely increase during the holiday season. Knowing that breaches have gained over the last year, here's some tips to keep your personal information safe:

1.Avoid sketchy emails

Don't click on anything (including texts) that sound too good to be true. Check their website instead.

2.Update your passphrases

Passwords, operating systems, browsers, apps, and more—it's always good to keep them fresh.

3.Vary your security questions (and answers)

Keep your security questions varied, creative, and hard to guess. Answers shouldn't be easy to find through public search.

4.Don't save credit card info

Keeping this information in browsers, retailers, and public spaces is a great risk. Watchinski also recommends visiting your credit card's website to get a one-time credit card code.

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