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Cisco certifications update 2020

In this article we try to shed some light on some myths about new Certification framework:

Is the Core Exam of CCNP different than Core Exam for CCIE?

Core Exam for CCNP is same as CCIE. You do not need to pass the Core/Written Exam again for CCIE. Core Exam for CCNP also takes you near to your CCIE. The CCNP core exam is also the qualifying exam for CCIE certification.

Is there still a Written Exam of CCIE?

No, you only pass Core Exam to qualify for CCIE Lab now. There is no specific CCIE Written exam now.

This is the same Core Exam that you would have passed your CCNP Exam.

Do I become Specialist after I pass the Core Exam?

Yes, after you pass the Core Exam (CCIE Written), you become the Cisco Certified Specialist. This is part of the new reward scheme where you get a badge & recognition after each certification in you career path.

Previously, you were not awarded any badge after passing the CCIE Written which was quite disappointing.😭 You had to pass the CCIE Lab exam as well to earn the full badge once.

For Example, if you pass ENCOR 300-401, you will earn the Cisco Certified Specialist badge (Enterprise Core certification).

What happens if I am already a CCIE certified?

You will automatically be converted to new Certifications. See below examples.

Example 1: If you are already a CCIE Security Certified on v5.0, you will see two badges appearing on your profile after Feb2020:

CCIE Security Certified

Cisco Certified Specialist (Security Core Certified)

Example 2: If you are already a CCIE R&S Certified, you will automatically become CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certified on 24 Feb 2020 with 2 certifications below:

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certified

Cisco Certified Specialist (Enterprise Core Certified)

Is there a change in certifications validity now?

Yes, all certifications have equal validity of 3 years now including CCNA, CCNP and CCIE.

Previously, there was a 2-Year-expiration-span for CCIE lab.


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